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Paper Gaming Returns On The Decline For Past Few Years

September 15th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

Viewed as a potential revenue windfall for the county back in 2003, returns from paper gaming and tip jars have been in a steady decline the past few years. It was eight years ago that  Allegany County because just the second county in  Maryland to regulate and tax tip jars and similar games in bars, restaurants and liquor stores- and while the early returns were excellent, there has been a steady decline since 2008. It is not a coincidence that 2008 was the last year the county was permitted to use electronic slot machines before they were declared illegal by the state. County Gaming Administrator Gerald Joy said that revenues from tip jars and similar games came in about $30,000 below projections for the most recent fiscal year. Gambling is set to expand in Allegany County next year when it’s expected that a full fledged slots parlor will open at Rocky Gap State Park. While that may attract more gamblers to the area, Joy says it could actually serve as another hit to revenues generated by paper games and tip jars…

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