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Paramedics Complete Training at University of Maryland

March 3rd, 2019 by WCBC Radio

As the emergency medical service adapts to rapidly changing environments and scenes, it is vital that EMS providers be able to identify and react in order to keep themselves, their crew and the patient safe.

“Last week we had the opportunity to attend an advanced tactical EMS course at the University of Maryland College Park campus,” Interim EMS Chief Christopher Biggs said. “Two years ago we were fortunate enough to send eight providers to CONTOMS. Last weeks course was the next level. I am incredibly proud of our staff that attended and completed the course.”

Biggs added that the dedication, energy and effort displayed by the Division of EMS paramedics was impeccable.

The three day course provided EMS professionals with the dealing with extended tactical or police incidents. Topics include specialized extrication and rescue tactics, critical concepts, K-9 care and common medical complaints crews may encounter.

The attendees are certified through the National Center for Tactical Medicine, a federal program responsible for providing security and medical aid to the President of the United States and other high ranking federal officials.

The original CONTOMS (Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operations Medical Support) program was started in 1990 to meet the needs of specialized medical training to support law enforcement operations. This course is 56-hours.

“Allegany County has some of the most dedicated EMS providers going above and beyond to further their education and broaden there awareness,” Biggs said. “Class like this not only teach the tactical EMS portion, but team building and working together as groups to complete a common goal.”

In 2018, 144 reported police officers died in the line of duty. Fifty-two were firearm related. The remaining deaths included officers being involved in traffic accidents or medical emergencies. “Local law enforcement respond to incidents where safety can quickly deteriorate and injury could occur, we want to be prepared to assist these agencies,” Biggs said.

DES paramedics that attended the course included Arron Black, Matt Doman, Interim EMS Chief Christopher Biggs and Christina Koontz.

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