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Parting at Animal Shelter not completely smooth

August 29th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Despite public comments to the contrary, a source familiar with the situation tells WCBC News that the parting of ways between Allegany County Animal Shelter Manager Karl Brubaker and the Foundation was not amicable. Brubaker and his wife Tracy, a rescue coordinator, resigned Monday from their posts, effective immediately. Brubaker, who has not returned calls from WCBC News, was quoted in the Cumberland Times News as saying that his decision to resign was “personal” and “amicable” but added that he is moving on to other opportunities, which may or may not include animal services. A source tells WCBC News that Brubaker may very well be considering opening an animal rescue operation in the county. The shelter became a no ­kill shelter in Dec. 2010, with the operation being transferred to the nonprofit Allegany County Animal Shelter Foundation in July 2013. Becky McClarran, president of the foundation, said there will be no interruption of shelter services. Every indication from various sources is that  Patty Collison, who has been appointed as the interim shelter manager, will be given that post on a permanent basis. Collison, an animal shelter volunteer,  formerly worked at  Susquehanna Bank and has been a foundation board member assisting at the shelter. 

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