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PETA accused of illegal wire taps at local zoo

January 19th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Center for Consumer Freedom has sent a letter to State’s Attorney Michael  Twigg in Cumberland, Maryland, urging for a full and thorough investigation of the animal liberation group PETA for felony wiretapping based on a judge’s ruling in a federal court case.  The allegations originate from the federal lawsuit PETA v. Tri-State Zoological Park of W. Maryland, which stems from PETA operatives posing as volunteers to gain access to a zoo in Cumberland, Maryland and proceeding to covertly record staff members. The presiding judge recently decided to exclude any evidence PETA obtained illegally, writing, “PETA appears to have unlawfully recorded audio without first obtaining consent of those who were recorded. Such recordings violate the [Maryland] Wiretap Act and will be excluded entirely from this case.”

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