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Pipkin Rips O’Malley’s ‘Class Warfare’

November 22nd, 2011 by WCBC Radio

In a commentary published in newspapers across the state, State Senator E.J. Pipkin accuses the governor of playing “class warfare”  when it comes to the rural areas of the state such as western Maryland. In his “letter to the editor” Pipkin writes that “despite protests to the contrary from the O’Malley administration, it has been clear for the past few years, that the administration’s programs, policies and proposed legislation constitute an assault on rural economies and property rights.”   He says that  implementation of the administration’s policies and legislative proposals, from the proposed septic system ban to higher tolls, taxes, and fees will strip rural Maryland of any real opportunity to create jobs and boost its economy.  He isn’t the first in the General Assembly to make such accusations. Delegate Wendel Beitzel said as much following the 2011 session…

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