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Plunge At The Pumps Continues

January 24th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

U.S. motorists are paying the lowest average gas prices since April 2009, and the national average is likely to slide below $2 per gallon before the end of the month. The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline dropped to $2.04 per gallon Friday, down four cents from the previous week, 34 cents less than one month ago and $1.25 per gallon less than one year ago. While Maryland’s average is not likely to drop to $2 per gallon before the end of the month, many gas stations across the state are pricing a gallon of gas at or below $2 per gallon.  Maryland’s average price is $2.14 per gallon, eight cents less from the previous week, down 39 cents from last month, and $1.24 per gallon less than last year on this date. Cumberland stands at $2.23. AAA expects the national average to remain below $3 per gallon in 2015, barring any major fluctuations in the global price of crude.

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