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Police Officer and K-9 Treated after Crash on I-68

January 25th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

At approximately 8:37 AM the Cumberland Police responded to Interstate 68 eastbound for a reported motor vehicle accident involving a Cumberland Police K9 Officer.  The accident was a single vehicle accident due to the icy road conditions.  The Cumberland Police K9 Officer stated he entered the Interstate from the Kelly Blvd. on ramp.  As he entered lane #2 he encountered black ice and lost control of the vehicle.  The vehicle spun out of control striking the inside jersey wall.  The vehicle continued to spin causing the rear of the vehicle to also strike the jersey wall.  The vehicle then crossed all three lanes and struck the outside retaining wall and the curb.  The vehicle then came to rest across lanes 1 and 2 of Eastbound I-68.  The Officer was transported to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.  Another K9 Officer responded to the scene and took custody of the K-9.  At the time of the accident the K-9 appeared to have no injuries, but is being monitored by the K-9 Handler.  SHA responded to the area and re-treated the roadway.  There were two other minor M/V crashes in this area due to the crash, heavy traffic, and icy road conditions.

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