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Register Of Wills Denies That She Plans To Resign Position

June 21st, 2017 by WCBC Radio

In a recent post on her Facebook page, embattled Allegany County Register of Wills Becky Drew states she has no plans to resign her position and strongly denies she is under any kind of criminal investigation. Media reports, including a lengthy story on the internet political blog “A Miner Detail”, suggests Drew could be facing criminal charges and that her lawyers are in negotiations working out the details that would pave the way for her stepping down from the office perhaps as soon as the end of this month. Among the alleged charges is an inability to perform the duties of her office- with several sources claiming that she often goes weeks at a time without coming into the office. Numerous attempts to contact Ms Drew for comment have been unsuccessful, but she has taken to social media to express her thoughts on the matter most recently posting on Facebook that she will retire- but not until the end of her current term in 2018. She refers to media reports and speculation as nothing more than “political games” and “negative gossip” being generated by a group of people she refers to as “bottom feeders”.   Her post also references her 30 plus years of experience in her profession and that the reason she will is planning not to seek another term is because of a desire to spend more time with her family.                          

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