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Renewed Hope For Footer Dye Works Redevelopment Plan

July 11th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

With a key lease option set to expire next month, there is renewed hope that the Footer Dye Works redevelopment plan can get back on track. Back in February, the Canal Place Development and Preservation Authority received what it called “an expected but temporary setback” for its plans to develop the historic building. Although 19 bid packages were requested for potential redevelopment of the structure- when the mid February deadline arrived- not one proposal had been submitted. At the time is was viewed as another in a long run of setbacks casting further doubt on the viability of the project- with a large segment of the community hoping to see what they view as an eyesore, torn down. Authority Chair Andy Vick said the problem with the first round of RFP’s, centered on the  unavailability of parking and challenges presented for expansion due to a contract existing on the adjacent lot known as Parcel B. That obstacle could disappear next month, as an option contract for Parcel B, held by the Fiori Family of Altoona, Pa., is set to expire. The authority said that once Parcel B is back in their control a revised Request for Proposals will be reissued. Vick has never wavered in his belief that the Footer Dye Works redevelopment can be what he has called a “game changer” for the local economy…


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