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Republican Candidates Vow to Roll Back Common Core

September 25th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

On the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidates vow to roll back new U.S. education standards known as the Common Core. In the classroom, the multi-state guidelines increasingly look like they're here to stay. A total of 46 state including Maryland adopted the new standards, but in recent years the number of critics has grown to the concept which aims to emphasize critical thinking over rote memorization. One of the more vocal critics has been republican delegate David Vogt who earlier this year launched a campaign-funded website asking the governor to do away with new student assessments based on Common Core standards. Schools around the state last year began administering PARCC assessments, which use standards that match the new Common Core curriculum. However, Vogt says the tests will consume time and money that schools can’t afford. He says he believes Maryland rushed in it’s decision to implement the new standards…


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