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Root Comments on Questions of Scale Planned Allegany High School

July 29th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

With a funding gap remaining, and the bid for the project currently on hold- much has been made in recent months of the scale of the new Allegany High School project. Allegany County Commissioners President Bill Valentine has questioned the school board’s decision to construct a school that he says is 25 percent larger than the state recommended. He said the school design is for 145,422 square feet and the state recommended 115,400 square feet. However, School Board member Ed Root said schools are not constructed at the state minimum standards and that that while the new Allegany will be larger than the minimum that the state calculated, no one builds schools at the minimum. Root says you have to build in some factors or otherwise you could be over crowded when the school opens. He feels there is an easy solution: have the state change what he says is a flawed formula.


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