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School construction bill introduced

February 5th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

Delegate Cathleen Vitale presented House Bill (HB) 65, “Education- Maintenance of Effort- Lease Payment Exclusion” to the Ways and Means Committee today.  The bill has received wide support from jurisdictions around the state as legislators recognize the importance of seeking alternative ways to address construction needs. Joining Delegate Vitale was Jonathan Boniface, one of the founding members of Build Crofton High School who testified in support of the bill.  Currently, Boards of Education must rely on state and local funding typically in the form of construction bonds to fund building of schools.  This bill will allow third parties to build schools and lease to the local education authority without affecting the Maintenance of Effort funding formulas. “School construction needs grow every year.  Mandatory costs for construction through traditional means have resulted in the inability to fund construction at a pace that keep up with our students’ needs”, said Vitale.  “We must look outside the box and partner with private industry if we are to ensure the future educational success of our children.”

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