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State Board of Education Could Render Foote Decision Later This Month

February 7th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The effort to have Wayne Foote removed from the Allegany County School Board could see him replaced- at least temporarily- by the end of February.  The local board voted at a meeting in December to request the state remove Foote for “willful neglect of duty” and “misconduct”.  Since then there have been several accusations of inappropriate comments and actions leveled against the embattled board member. The State Board meets late this month and could render a decision at that time- and if the action is to remove Foote- he can then appeal. According to the state board’s communications director, Foote would have to request a stay of his removal from the state board allowing him to serve during the appeals process. The state board would have to concur with that request, which would appear highly unlikely.  If Foote is removed, if only temporarily, the governor would appoint an interim board member to serve in his place.  If after the appeal is heard in Allegany County Circuit Court and the court would rule in his favor, Foote could then resume his position as a board member, replacing the interim appointee.  Given the sensitive nature of the charges and pending legal challenges, Foote has been hesitant to offer much in the way of comment on the situation.  He did tell WCBC News during the recent PACE Reception in Annapolis that he has been heartened by community support and has faith that ultimately his name will be cleared…


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