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State Budget Crisis First Test for Hogan

December 29th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

With less than a month before he officially takes office, Maryland’s Governor-elect Larry Hogan continues meetings with his transition team, newly appointed cabinet members as well as senate and house leaders in Annapolis to focus on what he has described as the state’s budget crisis. The republican who defeated Lt Governor Anthony Brown in November, has  compared the state government to a family that’s tapped out all its available resources and still doesn’t have enough money. The state, like that hypothetical family, can’t keep continuing to live beyond its means, “having drained the checking, saving and retirement accounts and maxed out every credit card”.  Hogan, who will be sworn in on January 21st, says one major difference between his administration and that of outgoing governor Martin O’Malley will be  transparency. He says he won’t “sugar coat” bad news and intends to rely heavily on input from citizens across the state…


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