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State lawmakers offer competing immigration proposals

February 10th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

As Annapolis City Council prepares to vote on a bill intended to protect foreign-born residents from discrimination, state legislators are weighing in with their own immigration-related proposals. The Baltimore Sun reports lawmakers have filed more than a dozen bills this session dealing with immigrants and citizenship, including measures that seek to increase protections for undocumented immigrants in Maryland and others proposing to ban those safe havens.

The proposal under consideration in Annapolis would bar city officials from discriminating against foreign-born residents and would allow the city to punish anyone who questions a person's immigration status without a legal basis or denies them city services. The measure has the blessing of the Annapolis Rules and City Government Committee and is expected to get a vote at Monday's City Council meeting.

On Thursday, focus at the State House turned to debates over immigration that have flared at both the national and local levels.

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