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Strong Opposition Against Washington Street Lights

May 27th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Some strong opposition has come forward against a plan developed by members of the Washington Street Association to bring 110 period street poles with LED lights to Washington Street, paid for by the residents of the historic West Side street. A neighborhood man spoke against the idea at Tuesday's regular meeting of the Cumberland Mayor and City Council. Keith Skidmore, a resident of Washington Street's 700 block, said the association is not authorized in any way to represent the residents of Washington Street – and is wanting the property owners to pay for the project "out of the their own pockets"…

A representative for the association told the Cumberland Times News that the project has broad support from the neighborhood residents as well as city and county public officials. Estimated at around $600,000, the period lighting project would require removing the current utility poles and placing all the electric lines and other utility cables underground.

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