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Szeliga Seeks To Thwart Sanctuary State

March 10th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Delegate Kathy Szeliga ran for US Senate a couple of years ago, and is now sponsoring a bill that would stop Maryland from becoming a Sanctuary State.

House Bill 817 is called the Keep Our Communities Safe Act of 2019, and would require law enforrcement to turn over illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime to ICE if asked.

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  1. mark:

    Keep banging the Trump drum of HATE & Bigotry. This is how Hitler stirred up hatred of Jews. Shame on all you Repubthugs.

  2. dave barnes:

    Good Kathy. The Socialism and move to “without laws” must be stopped on every front.

  3. mac:

    The complete title of Bill 817 is actually; Keep Our Communities Safe By eliminating anyone with different skin color,language, or religious affiliation unless they are willing to work off the books for sub-minimum pay and no health insurance Act of 2019.

  4. Sharon:

    > Seriously?*!

  5. Sharon:

    > Seriously to you too!*? No where in the bill did I read that description. If you commit a crime, then there are consequences – no matter if you are a citizen or not!

  6. mac:

    > Just the fact that you are an “illegal” immigrant means that you have committed a crime. A quick in and out with a judge and you’re outta here.

  7. ESB:

    Countries all over the world protect their borders. I can’t believe that people call following our immigration policies here in the US “hate and bigotry”. We can’t pick and choose which laws to follow or not follow, and sanctuary cities do just that.

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