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Transportation Association of Maryland Salutes Garrett Employee

October 28th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Julie Feather was named the “Unsung Transit Employee for 2019” at the annual meeting of the Transportation Association of Maryland (TAM) held in Ocean City, MD at the end of September.  She was nominated for the award by the Director of GTS, Mike Hill, because of her unfailing dedication and commitment to the job. Julie has been with (GTS) for nearly 20 years and the majority of those years has involved scheduling and dispatching. 

"Julie’s work ethic and dedication to the job is impressive; she is responsible for scheduling 250 – 300 rides per day on average at GTS and that can be very stressful in times of bad winter weather, a driver’s availability, and any last minute changes, which inevitably crop up,” stated Mike Hill.   “Often starting her job by 5:00am, she also is on call a considerable amount in order to take calls from drivers and or to schedule after-hour medical transportation,” he continued.

In addition to scheduling the demand response and non-emergency medical transportation rides, she also coordinates the delivery routes for the Meals on Wheels program and Head Start, both programs administered by Garrett County Community Action Committee.

“Julie has been scheduling and planning rides for so long she has developed an inherent data base in her mind of locations and destinations and how much time to allow for rides.  With the increasing volume of ride requests, GTS is exploring software scheduling options which will assist her,” added Mike.  “She does an incredible job behind the scenes to get people to where they need to go and back.”

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