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Trone Releases Report On 6th District Diabetes Drug Cost

June 16th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Congressman David Trone (MD-06) released a report from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform detailing the high cost of prescription drugs for individuals with diabetes in Maryland’s 6th District.

The report found that uninsured diabetes patients in the 6th District are paying on average $585 for popular insulin brands compared to $33 in Australia, $51 in the United Kingdom, and $70 in Canada. Seniors who are Medicare beneficiaries in the district are paying 4.9 times what they would pay in Australia, 3.5 times what they would pay in the United Kingdom, and 2.6 times what they would pay in Canada for these prescription drugs.

In total, the report found that there are 19,000 Medicare beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with diabetes and 53,000 uninsured individuals in the 6th District.

“The exorbitant price of these life-saving prescription drugs is ridiculous. Healthcare is a right, and you should be able to access necessary medication without going bankrupt in America,” said Congressman David Trone. “I’m proud to have supported five bills that passed the House that would bring down these high prescription drug prices, but we need to do more. We also need to pass legislation to let Medicare negotiate with drug companies directly, just the VA does.”

You can find a link to the entire report here.

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