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Update on City Parking Garages and Lots

July 16th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The City of Cumberland announces the upcoming reopening of the Center City Parking Garage on S. George Street, effective August 1,

2020. On this date, the garage will become operational after completed upgrades. Entry to the Center City Parking Garage will be made by credit

card or permit card only. Also effective August 1st, please note the following updates about other parking structures/lots within the City.

 The Frederick Street Garage remains a permit only facility

 Lot #1, found under I-68 between S. Centre St. and S. Mechanic St. will

be permit only (Permit cost $30/month)

 Lot #2, off Greene St. is a "pay/Kiosk" lot

 Lot #3, off S. Johnson St. under I-68 is a permit only lot with six 30-

minute spaces (Permit cost $35/month)

 Lot #4, off N. Mechanic St. at the viaduct is free parking

 Lot #5, off N. Liberty St. across from Coney Island is a "pay/Kiosk" lot

 Lot #6, off Salem St. will be free parking

 Lot #7, off Pershing St. is a "pay/Kiosk" lot

Current permit holders who may be affected by any of the changes have

been contacted.

Anyone interested in obtaining a monthly parking permit should contact

Lisa Terrell by phone at 301-759-6405 or by email:

Any other questions regarding City Parking should be directed to 301-


One Response to “Update on City Parking Garages and Lots”

  1. July 16, 2020 at 10:19 am, mac said:

    The continued emphasis in Cumberland is to attract tourists and yet there is no free parking downtown where they hope the tourists will congregate. Take a look at the Times News lot, there is a locked gate and keep out signs. CBIZ used to keep their lot open after business hours but that seems to have ended. The parking lot at Canal place is metered and tourists don’t want to pay so that they can leave their cars and head somewhere else where they will also have to pay.
    The city should absorb this as the price of doing business.
    There is little enough to do but to be made to pay for the privilege is adding insult to injury.


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