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Updates From Wayne Foote Hearing

July 23rd, 2019 by WCBC Radio

WCBC's Paul Mullan with an update from todays hearing regarding Wayne Foote's alleged misconduct.

Update: 10:15AM

Update: 11:30

Update:  2:45


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  1. kevin:

    So the defense is it never happened, since the second board, which was not in office when the events occurred did not complain about that which they were not in office to see. And these clowns are supposed to be creating a good educational system. I can feel the brain cells dying as I write this. The inability to hold themselves, especially Foote to a standard of integrity, honesty and common decency in mind boggling.

  2. kevin:

    > Most harassment is always brushed off as a ‘joke.’ That does not make it acceptable. Offensive is offensive. That WCBC felt the need to publicly name the teacher and repeat the slur to make it more widely known is shameful – beyond words. The clear bias of the station is obvious to punish the teacher for complaining about abuse from Foote. This is a pretty slimy thing to do – even for WCBC.

  3. Geoff:

    “He’s a hugger” lol Yeah that’ll get you into some trouble! I can’t believe I just wasted over 10 minutes of my life listening to that rambling, stammering report. You may want to have something written down for tomorrow’s sound bites.

  4. kevin:

    > Point well made!

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