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Valentine Rejects Accusations That County Is Responsible For Fairground Racing Failing To Materialize

August 24th, 2016 by WCBC Radio

The future of motor sports racing at the Allegany County Fairgrounds is murky to say the least- with the man who had hoped to promote an annual racing series there, and the County Commissioners now at odds. The issue made headlines recently when a consultant recommended the county eliminate the oval racing track at the fairgrounds, with commissioners President Jake Shade calling it no longer viable. Craig Knippenberg, who first approached the county in 2015 about the possibility of starting summer races again, tells WCBC News that there would be racing there today if the commissioners had followed through several commitments…

Specifically, Knippenberg is referring to the installation of guardrails and upgrading the clay race track. Commissioner Bill Valentine has a different recollection and provided written documentation indicating that Knippenberg was to be responsible for the guardrails. He also maintains that the clay the county provided would have ultimately worked well. He rejects Knippenberg’s accusation that the county is responsible for his plan failing to materialize…


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