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Valentine Talks Local Pension Shift Effects

March 8th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioner Bill Valentine was a guest on the Dave Norman Program this morning discussing Governor Martin O'Malley's proposal to shift teacher pension costs to the county government level. In the newest twist of the proposal State Speaker of the House Michael E. Busch have modified the bill so that it excludes librarians and community college employees, placing the sole focus on teachers.

Valentine talked about the ongoing debate on the shift which is currently taking place in the Senate, and commented that the state is just passing off their troubles on county governments, which ultimately will bear the burden of the shift.

Valentine also points to the fact that delegates across the board locally are opponents of this proposal. He cited that a shift would cost the county over $4 million within the first several years, as well as the effect of a loss of jobs at the county level which translates to an already low pay rate for county employees such as detention center guards and law enforcement.

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