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Washington Street Bridge Quagmire Continues

September 14th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

The search continues, but to date neither city of Cumberland officials or CSX representatives have located any paper work outlining ownership of the dilapidated and now closed Washington Street Bridge. The bridge has been closed for about a month after being deemed a safety hazard- and major repairs or perhaps a replacement is necessary. The most surprising news coming out of this week’s city meeting was the fact that CSX can’t move forward with repairs until there is definite proof of ownership. Mayor Brian Grim says that unfortunately another,  apparently CSX-owned bridge is also heading in the same direction as the Washington Street bridge. A recent inspection shows problems developing at the Cumberland Street bridge. CSX is also believed to own the Fayette Street bridge. Grim, although pointing out that CSX has been a great corporate partner and major employer, says in this case- the company is acting irresponsible.

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