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WCBC Sunday Flood Summary

September 9th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

It has been a day of heavy rain, flood warnings, dam concerns and recommended evacuations, and we're hopeful the worst is over.

The day started with a Flood Watch, as moisture from former Tropical Storm Gordon was moving through the Ohio Valley. It wasn't long before Flood Warnings were posted in Garrett County, and those warnings quickly spread to Allegany, Mineral and Hampshire Counties and continued throughout the day.

The most serious concerns developed when levels rose high enough to send water over the spillway at Savage River Dam. That led officials to recommend the evacuation of residences between the dam and Bloomington. However, as late afternoon approached, there was a break in the heavy rainfall, and Garrett County's Department of Public Safety said levels were falling and the immediate danger had passed.

Allegany County officials had their own problems emerge, as the National Weather Service issued a Flood Warning that will continue into Monday for Wills Creek. The warning said that high water could become an issue for businesses in the Motor City area, and advised that vehicles be moved to safety. Emergency Services Director Dick Devore encouraged residents of the Locust Grove area to monitor Wills Creek and take action if they determined there was a threat.

A warning was also issued for George's Creek, with water expected to rise above the railroad bridge through this evening. Flooding was also reported along Paterson Creek, and the runoff will also effect the Potomac River basin, with a Flood Warning issued through at least early Tuesday.

Calvary Christian Academy has decided to not have classes and not offer daycare on Monday due to the flooding situation.


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