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West Side Elementary School Prioritizes Safety

August 29th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

For the fourth consecutive year, West Side Elementary School has offered a School Safety Patrol program to interested fifth grade students. This year, there are seventeen new members anxiously awaiting the opportunity to patrol the school and help maintain a safe an orderly learning environment. This new group of leaders will officially begin their duties on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

               According to School Resource Officer, Jeremy Hedrick, “They take the responsibility very seriously. Being in Safety Patrol at the schools I work in is coveted. It’s cool. They kids want to be selected. They also know that their behavior at school will impact their ability to be selected.”

               Interested students are asked to provide two teacher references and a resume. School administrators and Officer Hedrick conduct interviews, in which student applicants are expected to demonstrate professional behavior, even dressing appropriately for the process. They are asked to provide their reasons for wanting to join the group and must work their way through a variety of scenarios they could encounter during the school year.

               Once selected, students will participate in an informational training day over the summer that outlines their job duties, daily procedures, and officer expectations. The group meets every two weeks, and AAA provides free activities for members, including a trip to an Orioles game.

               Patrol officers are responsible to be on duty at both arrival and dismissal to keep students safe. Other duties include walking younger students to and from breakfast, assisting with lunch shifts and school assemblies, patrolling the hallways, and recognizing other students for demonstrating positive behavior.

               Members of this year’s School Safety Patrol include Claire Buskirk, Saylor Dignan, Corinna Hilderbrand, Noah Hockman, Maizzy Hose, Julia Imes, Jack Kennell, Ti Juan King, Cash Logsdon, Madisen McCormick, Julian McKay, Abby Moore, Layla Richtmeyer, Alex Spriggs, Elias Trexler, Alice Wecker, and Austin Westfall.

               One new officer, Jack Kennell, said he applied for the position because he’s always wanted to be in law enforcement. Another, Alex Spriggs, said he enjoys patrolling the school and hallways so “kids don’t get hurt and we keep them safe.”                    

               “These kids will go on to be successful in life. They’ll be leaders whether it’s in academics, sports, the military, or in their future jobs,” said Officer Hedrick. “I’m proud of each of them.”

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