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WVSDE Map Allows Local Students To Go To School

September 6th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The West Virginia School map was officially released Saturday evening, and all local systems are good to go. Mineral, Hampshire and Morgan Counties are in the Green Category for recent COVID-19 cases, while Hardy and Grant Counties are Yellow, which also allows in person learning. Sports are also a go for the coming week in local West Virginia Counties.

This week's West Virginia school map was good for local systems, but red flagged Monongalia County, which won't be able to hold classes or sporting events in the coming week. Eight counties in the southern portion of the state have been designated at the orange level, which allows sports teams to practice, but not play games.


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  1. September 07, 2020 at 1:33 pm, mac said:

    I’m really tired of commenting about the problems that will arise from this. I don’t have any kids in school so it’s not my problem.
    Good luck and stay healthy everyone. The worst is yet to come.


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