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Allegany County Sheriff Craig Robertson was a guest of the Dave Norman Show on Thursday, August 17th, during the Ask the Pharmacare Pharmacist Program. 

Sheriff Robertson gave an update on the opioid epidemic and how it continues to impact the region.

Dave talks with program director from Western Maryland AHEC, David Stewart

Allegany Health Show From 08-04-17


Amid reports of financial struggles, delays in getting the steam engine restored and running and safety concerns- Western Maryland Scenic Railroad superintendent John Garner appeared on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” to provide a status report. Garner acknowledged that there have been delays in getting steam engine 1309 restored- and at one point in the interview said “there will be steam when there will be steam”. Later he sounded more confident saying that the goal remains to have 1309 up and running by late September…


Retired State Police Officer, Jim Pyles, was a guest of the Dave Norman Show on Thursday, July 13, during the Ask the Pharmacare Pharmacist Program.

Pyles currently works with the Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  His goal for the program was to bring listeners up to date on current numbers regarding the heroin crisis in our area.  Pyles continues to insist there is no way to arrest our way out of the problem.  Changes only come through education of young people.









































































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