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Updated January 1, 2020

Clerical Position Available:

WCBC is looking to fill a clerical position.  Full or part-time will depend on the applicant.  Experience is preferred but not required.  Knowledge of Quick Books, Microsoft Office and Excel are a plus but not required.  Pay rate will be determined by experience.

Resume should be sent to  No phone calls please.


Annual Equal Opportunity (“EEO”) Public File   Report…Posted 5/31/19

 This report covers the period from June 1, 2018-May 31, 2019, for the station employment unit consisting of station WCBC-AM, Cumberland, Maryland. WCBC is located in a smaller market of fewer than 250,000 persons. Three hires were made during this time frame. One part-time clerical and two full-time sales positions.

1. Part-time Clerical Position – Hired candidate received from Facebook-Social Media post on Station’s Facebook page.

2. Sales Positions – 2 Candidates were received from station’s Facebook page. The recruitment sources for the station were also notified. (See below) 8 interviews were conducted over a 3-week time frame. The two candidates ultimately hired came from the station’s Facebook post.

The station does air everyday a general ad looking for qualified people to apply for sales positions. No official position is currently available, but the station will hire qualified applicants on an as needed basis due to turnover. Sales people are hired on commission basis so the opportunity remains open for qualified individuals.

Any positions open from this point forward will also be posted on WCBC’s Facebook page to receive additional exposure in our area.

The station frequently accepts interns who either attend one of our local colleges or are form our area and home for summer break in order to assist with training. The focus is to build a base of potential new employees for the radio industry in general and specifically for WCBC.

However, no interns were engaged with the station during this time period. Those students indicating an interest were looking for a paid position. WCBC was not in a position to have paid interns at this time.

The mailing list for recruitment sources has been reviewed and updated. Contacts: All are listed on the station’s recruitment contact list in the station’s public file.


EEO Narrative for License Renewal Application – 5/31/19

WCBC’s outreach in reference to Equal Employment Opportunities is based on a small market approach.

We have cultivated excellent working relationships with both of the local colleges as they both offer broadcast courses; as well as our local employment office, and various community organizations. In recent years, the station has added positions on the company's Facebook Page, along with the station's website.

Recruitment the last two years has been very minimal because of the current economic situation in our community as it directly relates to our business’ finances and the ability to hire. We have reduced our full time staff overall and have only hired a part-time clerical assistant and two salespeople in the past year.  One of those salespeople is no longer with the company as of February of 2019.

All advertising states we are an equal opportunity employer as does all information forwarded to our contact list when an opening is available.

At present, WCBC employs ten full time employees – 6 men and 4 women.

The intern programs at both Allegany College of Maryland and Frostburg State University have provided the opportunity for hundreds of students over the last 43 years to be part of WCBC’s outreach.  Each year, there are usually 4 or more interns who work up to 140 hours in the broadcast environment at WCBC over the course of the semester.  That has not bee the case in more recent years due to a change in the environment of internships.   Students are looking for paid internship opportunities, and WCBC has not been in a position to provide paid positions.  In the past, the internships were provided by WCBC as a non-cash, for credit only, opportunity. 

The station’s management participates in Career Days at our local schools as often as possible as well as local job fairs sponsored by schools, broadcast associations and the local chamber of commerce.

A scholarship in memory of one of WCBC’s long term employees, Jim Robey, has been established at Allegany College of Maryland.  The scholarship is specifically directed to a student majoring in broadcasting.

Management has also participated in webinars to provide continuing education about equal employment opportunities for those employees directly involved with hiring/firing.