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ACM Basketball 2013 – 2014 Schedule

Date Teams Air Times
November 8th ACM Vs. College of Central Florida 5:30PM
November 9th ACM Vs. Gulf Coast St. College 1:00PM
November 12th Frederick CC Vs. ACM 7:00PM
November 20th ACM Vs. Anne Arundel CC 7:00PM
November 26th ACM Vs. Chesapeake CC 6:00PM
November 30th ACM Vs. Monroe College 3:00PM
December 1st ACM Vs. Monroe CC 3:00PM
December 4th CCBC Vs. ACM 7:00PM
December 7th Wesmoreland Co. CC Vs. ACM 7:00PM
December 11th ACM Vs. Cecil College 5:00PM
December 13th ACM Vs. USC Salkehatchie 7:00PM
December 14th ACM Vs. Northern Virginia CC 4:00PM
January 4th ACM Vs. Baltimore City CC 3:00PM
January 6th Hagerstown CC Vs. ACM 7:00PM
January 8th CCBC Dundalk Campus Vs. ACM 7:00PM
January 11th College of Southern MD Vs. ACM 7:00PM
January 13th Chesapeake College Vs. ACM 7:00PM
January 15th Harford CC Vs. ACM 7:00PM
January 18th ACM Vs. Frederick CC 7:00PM
January 21st Garrett College Vs. ACM 7:00PM
January 25th ACM Vs. Howard CC 5:00PM
January 29th ACM Vs. Prince Georges CC 6:00PM
February 1st Montgomery College Vs. ACM 7:00PM
February 5th ACM Vs. Hagerstown CC 8:00PM
February 6th ACM Vs. Northern Virginia CC 7:30PM
February 8th Anne Arundel CC Vs. ACM 7:00PM
























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