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ACPS Still Under Capacity Limitations for Athletics

February 26th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

In accordance with the most recent Order of the Governor of Maryland dated February 23, 2021, “Outdoor venues at which sporting events occur (including, without limitation, major league, professional, minor league, semi-professional, amateur, recreational, motor sports, and collegiate sporting events) may open to the general public, provided, however, that the total number of persons permitted in an Outdoor Sporting Venue at any one time shall not exceed the lesser of (A) 50% of that Outdoor Sporting Venue’s Maximum Occupancy, or (B) 250 persons.”

            Additionally, the order also states “The total number of spectators permitted in an indoor sports facility shall not exceed at any one time the lesser of (A) 50% of that indoor sports facility’s Maximum Capacity, or (B) 100 persons.”

            As a result of this order for outdoor and indoor capacity at athletic events, ACPS will provide two tickets to each participating student for both home and away events. If extra tickets are available for athletic events, individual schools will determine if they will be offered for sale to the public.