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ADR among medical providers impacted by new Emergency Orders

March 24th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

When Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that all elective medical procedures would be canceled effective at 5 PM Tuesday, local providers were left scrambling.  The order affects all medical facilities, from UPMC Western Maryland, to other regional hospitals, to other clinics and providers.  One of those is Dr. Jay Kim, at Advance Diagnostic Radiology, He tells WCBC News that  ADR will be closed, but will have a staff member available to answer questions.  Our advice is, that if you have questions about whether your procedure is elective or emergent, is to call your provider.

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  1. Joe Wellberg:

    So if someone has a toe nail issue. The Governor said drop dead.

  2. Ken:

    Joe Wellberg said: “So if someone has a toe nail issue. The Governor said drop dead.”

    Wasn’t that invitation to drop dead idea from the Lt. Governor of Texas?

    Remember – Obamacare had death panels where they decide to kill your grandparents but opening up businesses is fine because us older people will line up to give our lives for someone else’s stock portfolio.

    Makes perfect sense.

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