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Allegany County Provides COVID Vaccine Update

January 8th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County has so far received 3400 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.  1900 of these doses have been sent to UPMC-Western Maryland and 1500 to the Allegany County Health Department (we received our doses in batches of 100+700+700= 1500).  All of these doses have been the Moderna vaccine, it's expected to continue that way.  It's anticipated we will receive at least 700 vaccines a week barring supply chain issues.  


The first 100 doses were for the employees and support staff administering the vaccine and testing.  The next 1400 have been for healthcare workers, first responders, law enforcement, county correctional officers, and judiciary.  Of these 1400- 1,175 have been administered or will be administered next week.  If not used by the group listed above these vaccines will be added to the total available to the general public age 75+.  


Early next week we will release a joint statement with the Allegany County Health Department with instructions as to how the public age 75 and older can schedule a vaccine.   The vaccination process will be held at a county building which has been identified.  It will not be held at the Fairgrounds as testing will continue at that location.  An appointment will be required and you must be 75 years of age or older and an Allegany County resident.  


*I believe we can start these as early as Friday 1/15/2021, however it could be Tuesday 1/19/2021. We do not want these dates made public in case it has to be moved back.*


Separately, CVS/Walgreens has been to every nursing home in Allegany County with the exception of three, which will each get the vaccination by Monday.  (Moran Manor is 1/8/2021, Sterling 1/9/2021, Devlin 1/11/2021). I have no information about how many vaccines were administered at these locations. Nor do we have any information as to how many doses we received locally. This program is being run federally and outside the purview of MDH.  I do know that some nursing homes received the Pfizer vaccines and some Moderna.  At one nursing home roughly 90% of residents and 70% of staff elected to receive the vaccine.  This should continue to drive down our hospitalization rate.  


Our positivity rate as our yesterday was 8.68% roughly even with the statewide average.  The cases per 100,000 people were 44.84, again this is roughly equal with the state with average.