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American Woodmark plant operations temporarily closed

April 1st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Enforcing the Governor’s “Stay at Home” order issued Monday, Allegany County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the American Woodmark plant at the Barton Business Park off U.S. Route 220 late Wednesday afternoon- putting  a halt to operations there.  One of the county’s largest employers, the company announced on it’s facebook page Monday that  local facility will continue to operate on a normal schedule as it meets the criteria as an essential employer. That apparently is not the case and the kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer was forced to close its doors Wednesday afternoon.  Allegany County Sheriff Craig Robertson said he isn’t surprised that some businesses aren’t entirely clear on their status given the sometimes hour to hour changes that are being announced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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  1. Mark:

    I hope those greedy a-holes never open back up!! LOL

  2. jim:

    When everyone complains of poor economy and no jobs. Reember.Hogan did that.

  3. Rob:

    Good thinking Mark thats what we will need when this is over a large employer shutting down. Nice short sighted thinking

  4. Joe Wellberg:

    > Also we blame the CDC and NIH for their awful guidelines

  5. mac:

    I understand that Hunter Douglas is still open. Either they believe that curtains are an essential industry or it’s an April Foll’s joke.
    Knowing some of that bunch it is probably true.

  6. Crystal:

    Why is Hunter Douglas still operating?? Blinds are not essential right now!! Someone needs to turn them in too!

  7. Ken:

    I don’t understand how DNA Landscaping is considered essential other than emergency tree removal. Flowerland is also a business still open that confuses me. People are placing profit in front of the health of the community. STAY AT HOME!

  8. Lav:

    > And when your loved ones come through this without contracting the virus, due to mandates in place and helpful information from the State and the CDC, REMEMBER……HOGAN DID THIS!!!

    Wake the hell up! SMH!


    Is ice cream a essential food.

  10. Ken:

    > Speaking as the other Ken,

    I believe landscaping services fall under the building maintenance exemption. This makes sense as many of our elderly cannot take care of their lawns and letting them grow out could be hazardous.

  11. mac:

    > Good point Ken. No, not you I meant the other Ken.

  12. hollywood:

    Oh that Ken, Mac, I thought you meant the other Ken, but no, you meant this Ken, Okay, Okay, will the real Ken please stand up. First and foremost, it’s not profit nor is it greed, anyone who has ever operated a business understands that there are fixed monthly expenses that don’t go away because of a down turn in the economy. Any business which at present is still providing a service or goods is barely covering overhead with the expectation of future good will. What you don’t want to do right now is sell a business, bad move.

  13. Babbs:

    > Mark, I do agree with you that it is corporate greed, but I do not wish that they would never open back up. Just think of how many jobs would be lost. Remember the paper mill? we weren’t dealing with a pandemic then. I worked in manufacturing for over 22 years, and through my experience, it is impossible to stay 6 feet away from a coworker, based on the COVID-19 guidelines. Hunter Douglas employs approximately 1000 workers alone, between 2 shifts. I am not sure of the number of employees at American Woodmark, but they operate on a 3 shift schedule. All it’s going to take is for one person from either one of these facilities to test positive for COVID-19, and all hell is going to break loose. Believe that! Then, we will see how essential these kitchen cabinets and window blinds really are.

  14. Ken:

    Gee.. Is devastating that David has passed away, but doesn’t his lawn look nice? Thank goodness he was able to get his leaves picked up and a flower bed planted…

    We’ve only started this rollercoaster ride as we begin the climb up the curve, wait till we reach the peak and then people will realize who took this seriously and who wanted to value their profits over the health of the community.

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