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BoE Votes To Contract With MABE In Search For Superintendent

February 5th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Faced with a July 1 deadline to have a permanent superintendent in place- the Allegany County Board of Education voted unanimously to contract with the Maryland Association of Boards of Education to serve as a consultant for the process. Prior to Tuesday night’s public business meeting, the board met privately with members of MABE who outlined recommendations and a process to follow that should lead to the next superintendent being hired. Board member Robert Farrell…


Board president Tammy Fraley said gathering as much input as possible from a wide variety of groups and the public will be a big part of the decision making process…

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  1. Beth:

    I think Mr. Blank is doing a great job. It’s a shame he can’t continue. It would save a considerable amount of money, at a time when every dollar counts.

  2. Brian:

    This is the way government is run. Waste more money waste more time. You already have somebody doing this job. Who is probably the best person for the job? But he might not have What they consider the right qualifications someone has worked. In the Board of Education 4 years knows how it works. And the limitations of funding but possibly doesn’t have the right degrees to satisfy the state because knowing how to do the job doesn’t account. For anything if you can’t please the right politicians.

  3. John T Hare:

    More wasted money by the education system. Go figure. They do one thing and one thing only well, spend money!

  4. Brian:

    When you see What the county has said about tax revenues? The most important thing for the Board of Education to do right now. Is to find ways to cut the budget. Not ways to spend more money. Most of the taxpayers of Allegany County Have had enough. If you can afford to move out of the county to West Virginia or Pennsylvania. If they raise taxes again They will probably do it.

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