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BREAKING: New COVID-19 Cases in Allegany & Mineral Counties

April 6th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Health Department reports that a seventh Allegany County resident has tested positive for COVID-19. The individual is a male in his 60s who has not required hospitalization.

In addition, the Mineral County Health Department has reported that a Mineral County resident who is employed in Allegany County has tested positive for COVID-19. The county health departments are working together to identify any potential persons who may have had close contact with the individual.

The Allegany County Health Department and Allegany County Government report the following update on local COVID-19 testing to date:




Allegany County residents tested positive for COVID-19


Allegany County residents tested negative for COVID-19


Allegany County residents with COVID-19 results pending


Total Allegany County residents tested for COVID-19







18 comments on this post.
  1. Jay:

    Imagine this scenario: David Dennison declares that we have turned the corner and orders bars, restaurants, malls, schools, and sporting events to re-open minus the fact that we have no vaccine or no antibiotic therapy. Then after 4 or 5 days people start testing positive for the virus and the health system is overwhelmed even more severely than it is now. Will he then blame this on Obama, Hillary, or the Democrats? Or maybe even Fauci?

  2. Dave:

    Your point being? Oh there is a group of people who don’t agree with you and they can NEVER do or say anything that you think is right! I think we have figured that out by now. Have a happy day, stay healthy, God loves you and this will pass.

  3. Dan:

    > You seem to be a pessimist. Maybe you’re scared to death too. Grow up Jay, stop laying blame on anyone.

  4. Joe Wellberg:

    Yes we must reopen and people don’t like that idea can wear a tin foil hat and talk nonsense

  5. hollywood:

    Dave, he has no point, never does ! He does however possess a colorful imagination, without Jay and his bizarre hallucinations us mortals would have little to laugh at here. He’ll soon be back calling me every name in the book, F this and F that. In so far as God loving him ? Some of us get to come back again and some are beyond redemption, we’ll see.

  6. Ken:

    > Why exactly does American Woodmark have to reopen? Because you said so?

    Do you honestly think the entire world will come to a halt if this factory closes for three ro four weeks?

    There is any number of people here screaming abut “those people” being frightened. From where I sit, you’re the one who is just about ready to jump out of your skin – well, you and hollywood.

  7. Dave:

    My only statement is as long as you are alive no one is beyond redemption. God loves everyone even the ones who don’t love or believe in or put their faith in Him. BUT He is a just God.

  8. Jay:

    You have me confused with someone else Hollywood. I don’t use foul language on this blog.

  9. Jay:

    I wasn’t laying blame Dan. Merely speculating who David Dennison would blame. He said “I take no responsibility at all” a few weeks ago. Don’t you remember?

  10. Beth:

    This is sad. We need to work together.

  11. Mark:

    > Always gotta play the ‘poor victim’ pathetic

  12. Mark:

    > Jay has a good point, you just need an IQ above 20 to get it.

  13. hollywood:

    Yeah, your right, that’s Mark with the F-Bombs, Mia Culpa.

  14. hollywood:

    Sorry Beth, this is Cumberland, 20,000 people, 20,000 opinions.

  15. hollywood:

    No two are the same.

  16. hollywood:

    And his children should be ” Just ” men and women of course.

  17. Mark:

    > no f-bombs from this Mark.

  18. hollywood:

    Must be some other Mark, Okay, my best Bud Collyer impersonation: ” Will The Real Mark, Please Stand Up “

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