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Butler Addresses Maryland Stay At Home Order

March 31st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Administrator Brandon Butler joined WCBC's Dave Norman Program Tuesday morning to discuss details surrounding Governor Larry Hogan's Stay at Home Order…


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  1. Joe Wellberg:

    I am not happy with every elected official in the entire nation who closed businesses under threat of imprisonment and fines. I am not happy about reading the news in some other countries who threaten to shoot people who defy such orders. However eventually a angry population will riot in which it is already happening in Europe.

  2. mac:

    Dave Norman’s questions deal entirely about whether or not his son and daughter can get out and go places.
    His concern seems to be if there is some loophole so that the children need not be confined to their homes as everyone has been asked to do.
    Selfish and ultimately very stupid.

  3. Dave:

    Maybe some people will riot, I would hope not. This is NOT the end of the world it is a bump in the road. Come on people this country has made it through world wars, civil wars, revolutions, the pandemic of the 1900 and poliovirus . We are better than this. I would hope so anyway. Depend on the LORD and we will make it through.

  4. Mike:

    Gee Mac,

    I listened to the same conversation and it seemed to me that Dave was simply using his family member(s) as an example so people would understand what is an isn’t allowed currently. It all sounded pretty reasonable to me. But there is always those who like to add a extra dose of drama to any conversation.

  5. Jay:

    Your last sentence accurately described the owner/operator of WCBC. He has a lot in common with our president.

  6. Jay:

    Good heavens Joe. The reason people are under threat of being fined or arrested is because they blatantly refuse to follow the lawfully issued guidelines. This is the kind of right wing nonsense that leads to people stockpiling guns. Wayne LaPierre and CPAC are proud of you.

  7. Frederick Mckenzie:

    Keep up the good work Dave

  8. Joe Wellberg:

    > Riots are coming soon to the land of the free. The moment people will face evictions and foreclosures is when everything will bring about riots. May this closure end soon. Their are people who are immune however their isn’t room to perform such genetic test at the moment. Lets #ReopenMaryland very soon

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