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Candidates List Slim with Upcoming Vacancies for Public Office

July 16th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

With Delegate Mike McKay now having confirmed that he will be running for the District 1 state Senate seat- candidates are now lining up to challenge for what will be his open 1C House seat. Washington County Commissioners Terry Baker and Wayne Keefer have both filed as 1C candidates in the Republican primary.  The district includes part of Allegany County and the westernmost portion of Washington County.  McKay, once he officially files, will join Allegany County Commissioner Jake Shade contesting for the seat currently held by George Edwards who has opted not to seek another term. With the deadline to file still seven months away-  Allegany County currently has no candidates listed for what will be three open county commissioner seats; three board of education seats; the office of mayor and two city council seats in Cumberland,  the office of states attorney; sheriff and judge of orphans court. Incumbents Dawn Lindsey and Mary Beth Pirolozzi have filed to seek re-election for the Clerk of Circuit Court and Register of Wills respectively.