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CEDC director: Rolling Mill development needs higher priority status

September 21st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

It’s been more than five years since talks began about the concept of purchasing homes and properties in the Rolling Mill neighborhood with a vision of a major commercial development project.  To date, while dozens of sites have been cleared and houses demolished, holdouts remain and no progress has been made toward constructing new commercial entities. City officials are apparently growing weary of the stagnant nature of the project and are now voicing those concerns to the developer.  Cumberland Gateway Real Estate is the Frederick based developer, with announced plans for a plaza off Interstate 68 at Maryland Avenue called Cumberland Gateway. The proposal included a hotel, fast-service restaurant, sit-down restaurant, a convenience store and shops. Now past the five-year mark, Matt Miller, executive director of the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation, told the mayor and council last week that he has communicated a sense of urgency to the developer…