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City Man Charged with Robbery at ATM

July 5th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

On Sunday, July 4th, 2021 the Cumberland Police Department responded to an ATM located on E. Oldtown Road for the report of a robbery.  When officers arrived, they contacted a female victim that stated she having difficulties depositing currency in an ATM and asked for assistance from a male behind her.  The male, later identified as Derek Michael Lee, assisted the female with the transaction but when she received a deposit slip, it read that nothing had been deposited.  The victim confronted Lee about the missing currency and she was able to recover a large sum of it but not full amount.  Lee then left in his vehicle but not before the victim was able to obtain his vehicle registration and description.  This was broadcasted to additional officers and he was stopped in the area of W. First Street and Grand Avenue.  The female and a witness responded to that location and positively identified Lee as the male that had stolen the currency.  He was arrested and a search revealed that exact amount and the denomination of currency that the victim had stated was taken.  Lee was charged with theft and taken before the District Court Commissioner.  He was released from custody on an unsecured of $2,500 pending trial.


Derek Michael Lee, age; 34, Cumberland, Maryland.