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City Man Held For Gun Threat Incident

January 1st, 2021 by WCBC Radio

On January 1st an officer of the Cumberland Police Department was contacted at Virginia Avenue business in regards to a male subject threatening them with a gun. The victims indicated that Stephone Christopher Carmichael, who was still on scene, was the subject that threatened them with a gun.

The officer attempted to give Carmichael orders, but he fled from the officer, and a foot chase ensued. Officers were able to locate and apprehended Carmichael at his residence without issue.

Officers continued their investigation, interviewing the victims and witnesses. Officers learned this incident stemmed from an argument between Carmichael and one of the victims. During the argument Carmichael brandished a handgun and a struggle ensued between the victims and Carmichael. During the struggle the handgun was discharged into the store, without striking anyone. Carmichael then lost control of the handgun and the victims began to escape the store.

Carmichael regained control of the firearm and threatened one of the victims stating that he would shoot them. He continued to pursue the victims, stole a lighter and threatened to light the victim on fire.

Officers then authored a search and seizure warrant for Carmichael’s residence in the 300 block of Arch Street where they recovered evidence related to this incident.

Arrest: Stephone Christopher Carmichael, age 31, Cumberland MD.

Charges: Attempted 2nd Degree Murder, Three Counts of Assault First Degree, Three Counts of Assault Second Degree, Reckless Endangerment, Armed Robbery, Robbery, Theft Less than $100, Numerous Firearms Charges.