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Commissioners Considering Legal Action Against CSX Regarding Washington St. Bridge

April 21st, 2021 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Board of Commissioners is preparing to take legal action against CSX Transportation in an attempt to see some movement with regard to re-opening the Washington Street bridge. Located in the city’s historic district, the Washington Street bridge is one of three aging bridges on the city’s West Side that span CSX Transportation railroad lines. The Washington Street span, which was closed more than three years ago, has been shut down the longest of the three bridges, but its issues began nearly a decade ago. While CSX made some basic repairs a few years ago-  a train struck the bridge in August 2017- closing the bridge indefinitely. In June 2018, another train strike caused additional damage. On Thursday’s meeting agenda, an action item would see the commissioners authorize the county attorney to file a formal complaint with the National Surface Transportation Board against CSX regarding the destruction and disputed repairs of the bridge. County Commissioners President Jake Shade tells WCBC News that despite repeated efforts on the part of the city and the county to address the problems with CSX- the company has been largely unwilling to engage…