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Coronavirus Pushes CEDC Merger Date Back To May 1st

March 25th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

An update on the merger currently underway between the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation and Allegany County’s economic development department was part of this month’s CEDC meeting- and like many other things- the merger has been delayed somewhat by issues created by the Coronavirus. . The parties are working on merging the entities into one agency titled the Allegany Development Commission. The merger was expected to take place on April 1. However, Kelly said more time is needed in part due to coronavirus concerns. He said a 30-day extension will be implemented, pushing the anticipated merger date back to May 1…

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  1. Bob:

    April fools day was a much more appropriate date for the event.

  2. Welchy:

    Good move, the BOE should do the same on their search. Insane to change superintendents right now

  3. mac:

    By May 1st it will be much warmer than it is now, maybe they should wait until, say, Oct. 1st. No wait, by then it will be getting dark earlier so maybe it should be put off a little longer.

  4. Ed Dodrill:

    When will the Rolling Mill plaza thingy start? I hear Target wants the whole zone.

  5. Jay:

    Yes, Target will take a special “maze-like” construction in order to accommodate the build around of the houses that will still be there in 10 years.

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