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County Commissioner Pushes Back Against COVID Response Complaints

December 30th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Ever since COVID-19 cases began surging in Allegany County in mid-October, the county commissioners have come under fire from a segment of the community blasting the local officials for dropping the ball  when it comes to addressing the pandemic. During recent public meetings the commissioners have read into the record, and responded to, letters of criticism. Some of the comments suggest the commissioners have not been vigilant in making certain businesses, bars and restaurants are following the recommended safety protocols; while others accused the officials of being seen at public events not wearing masks- and failing to lead by example. On letter concluded with: the local response to the spike has been disappointing to say the least”. Commissioner Creade Brodie Jr has tired of the criticism saying that the commissioners have been proactive in their response, sometimes going above and beyond the state guidelines…