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County Has Made No Decisions On Future Of Animal Shelter

April 17th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

A week after receiving notice from the Allegany County Animal Shelter requesting additional funding- the County Commissioners have made no decisions as to the future of the facility.  In a letter sent from the Shelter Board to the county- the board indicated that if additional funding is not made available, the facility will have to be turned back to the county.  The Allegany County Animal Shelter was operated by the county until a group of concerned citizens offered to take over operations in 2010 and adopt a no-kill policy. The county agreed and the citizens helped to create a nonprofit foundation to administer operations at the animal shelter. Appearing on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” Tuesday, County Administrator Brandon Butler said that no final budget decisions have been made, but he did suggest that there are obviously higher priorities to consider over the animal shelter…


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  1. Lav:

    Spoken like a true animal hater.

  2. Virgil:

    For those in favor of “no kill” why not open your pocketbooks and pay for it. Typical fanatics. Want everything paid for by others.

  3. kevin:

    This highlights what happens when civil functions are either “privatized” or “turned over to volunteers.” It becomes a hostage situation – ‘give us money or Fido gets it.’ The county need to re-take over this responsibility and abandon the ‘no-kill’ approach, and the ‘spay and release’ policy that is turning public places into litterboxes. Irresponsible people caused this mess by failing to take care of their pets but Mr. Shade is right – this cannot be a priority. If people want to stop the transfer, they need to dig into their wallets.

  4. Noel:

    Yeah lets spend millions on the Cumberland Mall like that’s going to bring people or the bicycle lanes we needed so badly. Oh lets not forget to line our pockets. Poor animals!

  5. Lav:

    > Yes, by all means, lets go back into the 20th, or even the 19th Century, and just not care a whit about animal rights and responsibilities. I was PROUD to tell my family and friends I live in a MD city that has one of the few (if not one of the two) No-Kill shelters in the STATE! Not only are they No-Kill, but they help to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC on proper care of pets, and hold MANY fundraisers. They cannot do it all – just like any number of PEOPLE organizations out there, they need help sometimes.

  6. Jeff:

    > Get a life (human)

  7. kevin:

    > Animals have no rights beyond not being abused or tortured. People have caused the surplus of animals in need of care, but the bottom line is too many animals, not enough caregivers. Despite the good intentions, indeed honorable intentions here we are in an area where most of our citizens struggle to care for themselves. Churches are closing for lack of bodies in the pews. Resources are limited, we are at a crossroads.

  8. Bill:

    The Animal Shelter does NOT have a Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) program for the feral cat issue; no money, except for current in-house cats.
    Since the Animal Shelter can NOT operate with their current budget…I think that they need have an “No Fee Adoption” special; especially since the adoption fees are ridiculously high. This would not only empty the cages and pens, but would give them more working capital.
    Also, there needs to be a review of the duties and responsibilities of the compensated employees….if the duties don’t equate to the responsibilities, reduce the salaries or eliminate the compensated employee.

  9. Peter:

    The truth is that the Animal Shelter is heavily underfunded. If we compare the Budget of our Animal Shelter with that from comparable other Animal Shelter in MD, we will realize that the Allegany County Animal Shelter only receives 1/3 of the funding compared to others. Animal Welfare in general has progressed immensly over the last 15 years across the United States. There should be no reason that Allegany County is stepping backwards 20 years.

  10. Lav:

    > You’re correct. They have no rights, which is a cruel reality in this day and age, and it needs to change. Churches are closing because of no people in the pews? Give me a break! You can’t equate an empty church to hundreds of stray animals dying needlessly, to not enough people going to church! Which is what will happen if the shelter has to close, or go back to a “kill” shelter. What’s needed is funds for educating residents on proper pet-parenting, and basic animal kindness, along with much-needed funds to keep this wonderful organization up and running.

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