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Cumberland Selected As One Of The Most Charming Small Towns In America

February 4th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Travel channel recently selected Cumberland as one of the Most Charming Small Towns in America. Cumberland was selected due to its fascinating history , fun experiences, and natural beauty. The full feature is available at http://www.travelchannel.com/destinations/us/photos/50-of-the-most-charming-small-towns-in-the-us

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  1. Bob:

    This selection must have been made from their offices via Google Earth.

  2. jackblack:

    Lets see how charming they think it is when it becomes a GHOST-CITY,I am all for CUMBERLAND,however this topic would have been better off unpublished.–

  3. kevin:

    That Cumberland is a ranked, charming town says little about Cumberland, but a lot about how charm has deteriorated.

  4. Steve:

    All I can say is “THIS WAS STAGED”, The City Administrator and his Co-Conspirators (to make Cumberland something it ISN’T)
    did a good job pulling the wool over the eyes of whomever sees / reads this………….WOW

  5. j.r. lepley:

    I wonderhow STUPID they think the good citizen s of Cumberland are????????????????

  6. kevin:

    > I think that has already been established.

  7. mike:

    > two thumbs up!!

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