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Deep Creek VFD Saves Dog

February 7th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Deep Creek Voluneer Fire Department units were dispatched to Marsh Hill Road for a dog that fell approximately 10 feet into an overflow pipe.

Engine 31 along with Garrett County EMS responded. Upon arrival units were met by the owners of the pup and were directed where to go. Engine 31 crew assembled ropes for rigging an attic ladder and flashlights and began the half mile hike to the location. Once on location it was realized the overflow pipe was in the middle of the frozen pond.

Engine 31 crew approached cautiously and found a labradoodle at the bottom of the 24 inch pipe 15 feet down. Crews were able to ladder the pipe and access the pooch. A harness was made and placed around the dog. The remaining crew lifted the dog (Riley) to safety.

Once Topside Riley was evaluated and seemed unharmed.