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Delta variant identified in Hampshire County

June 29th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

 According to heath department officials, the COVID-19 virus delta variant has been identified in Hampshire County. The Hampshire County Health Department reported that the case was identified through routine public screening.  Health officials reported in a Facebook post: "We have no evidence that infections by this variant cause more severe disease. Preliminary evidence suggests that vaccines currently used in the U.S. may be less effective against this variant, but will reduce the risk of severe illness. We are early in our efforts to understand variants and are sharing what we know currently. What we know is based on the evidence we have now and may change as new data emerges. We will continue to provide updates as we learn more."

The delta variant was first identified in India and thought to be more contagious. The health department advised residents to continue wearing masks in close quarters, maintain a safe social distance and practice frequent hand-washing. Twelve cases of the variant have been reported statewide, according to the Department of Health and Human Resources, including five in Monongalia County and four in Berkeley.

Hampshire County reported seven new cases Monday night, and has had 1,961 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 37 deaths from the virus or its complications.