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District One Delegation Introduces Bill to Push Back $15/Hr Wage Increase

February 13th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The District One legislative Delegation has introduced bills in the House and Senate designed to buy more time for local small businesses in implementing the $15 minimum wage increase. The bill would cover businesses with 14 or fewer employees in Garrett and Allegany Counties- and would extend the time frame for those employers  to January of 2028 to implement  the $15 rate.  Under the current law, the $15 increase will be phased in between now and July of 2026.  State Senator George Edwards tells WCBC News that businesses operating in border counties such as Allegany and Garrett counties are being placed at a competitive disadvantage by the mandated wage hike…

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  1. mac:

    The District One Chamber of Commerce and Businessman Association would rather the disadvantage remain where it has always been, with the employee.

  2. Brian:

    One job at $15 an hour is much better than 5 jobs at $10 an hour. Those other four people can just collect welfare.

  3. Ken:

    > Brian said:

    > “One job at $15 an hour is much better than 5 jobs at $10 an hour. Those other four people can just collect welfare.”

    Wow, you’ve have a great point there – if we haven’t already learned that it’s a bogus line.

    Economists have repeatedly shown that when the minimum wage is allowed to climb, more jobs are created as opposed to lost. The reason for this is that when people have disposable income, they spend it. This creates demand which then causes employers to hire people to service that demand.

    And when wages are suppressed, we have Cumberland for the last 50 years.

    Of course, you can always believe that old line you you posted along with the one that says if we keep giving the rich money, it will trickle down on us like rain – except most of us already learned that wasn’t true either.

    But do keep complaining about people on welfare – you know, like the people working almost full time at Walmart and another part time job but who still need food stamps and energy assistance to survive.

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