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DNR Documents Color Changes

October 10th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Fall Foliage Report for October 7, 2021

Map of Maryland showing far western counties at midpoint foliage

Here we go folks, we’re seeing more color out west and the rest of the state is being blanketed in subtle yellows and reds. In the far western portions of the state our reports are indicating we’re at the mid-point, especially in the higher elevations. Through central and southern Maryland, we have a mixed bag mainly because summer weather has been slow to depart. The eastern portion of the state is still mainly green with a few hints of fall color; this landscape remains perfect for pollinators, spending autumnal hours collecting nectar and pollen.


Raindrops on the roof.
Golden leaves crunching underfoot.
Snuggle with a book.

– Ann Southall

Join us as we follow the transition each week with reports from our experts at our state forests and parks. This year for the first time, we welcome all of Maryland’s outdoor enthusiasts to send in photos capturing the beauty of the fall season. Please use the submission form to submit your entries directly to us. Your photo might be selected to appear in a future edition of the Fall Foliage Report!

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Garrett County, Maryland


Monroe Run Overlook

Monroe Run Overlook

New Germany Road

New Germany Road

Monroe Run Overlook

Monroe Run Overlook

Sugar Maple Leaf

Sugar maple leaf

After a stagnant start to the season, things are starting to change rapidly. Many areas of the county are seeing the midpoint this week. Higher elevations are slightly ahead of lower elevations, however I would expect peak for most of the county to occur in the next week to week and a half (around October 13-15). Melissa Nash – Forest Service, Oakland

Deep Creek Lake State Park

Deep Creek Lake State Park

Youghiogheny River

This is a great weekend to see the fall colors in Garrett County. Many trees are at their peak while a couple lag behind creating a breathtaking pallet. Red, yellow, orange, and green leaves slowly float along the Youghiogheny River after being set free by a gentle breeze. – Roy Musselwhite – Deep Creek Lake State Park

Savage River State Forest

Red Maples along a country road

Red maples – Savage River State Forest

We’ve experienced noticeable changes the past week. Colorful carpets of yellows, pinks, and oranges currently line the forest access road, thanks to the release of the red and sugar maple leaves. Sean Nolan – Savage River State Forest

Allegany County, Maryland

Fall trees along a river

Fall trees Trees along a stream Trees along a road

Take a slow drive through the forested landscapes of Allegany County’s back roads and you will be surrounded by the first signs of fall. Maple has added itself to the trees that are now changing and some minor leaf drop has started to occur. Roll down the windows and you will hear acorns hitting the forest floor and the scampering of squirrels as they prepare for winter. Daniel B. Hedderick – Forest Service Allegany County